Love Your Local Markets

2019 sees the eighth year of NABMA’s “Love Your Local Market” (LYLM) campaign, which has been so successful that it has now been embraced by 24 different countries worldwide.

We estimate that LYLM has given over 11,000 people the chance to sample market trading and at least 1,000 new businesses have been created.

This year’s theme “Markets Close To Your Heart” celebrates markets at the heart of local communities, towns and cities.

Markets across the UK create a range of events, promotions and initiatives during the campaign. Many also choose to continue this work for the rest of the year under the “Love Your Local Market” banner. Visiting markets at any time of year, you are likely to see evidence of the campaign.

2019 will be no exception with markets creating amazing customer experiences and business opportunities for new traders. The Markets Association (NABMA) are encouraging people to support their markets during the campaign and rediscover why markets are so important to the vitality of our communities.