Surrey has over 40 museums, galleries and heritage sites set among its bustling towns and picturesque villages, and each within a stone's throw of stunning countryside.


The county has always attracted a wide variety of people with its beautiful and varied landscape, closeness to London and good trade routes. Surrey has been home to world-famous royals, artists, writers, musicians, politicians, historians and pioneers, as well as world-class trades, crafts, industries and sport. Each has left its stamp on the county's heritage, which is reflected in the unique collections and beautiful historic sites.


There are many treasures of local, national and even international importance telling stories of the people, places and events that have influenced and shaped Surrey's heritage. Here are just a few highlights that you might discover along the way.


One of Europe's most important 18th century landscape gardens; an Egyptian mummy, a nationally important Peasant Art collection and a giant Japanese spider crab at our 'mini British Museum'; exquisite costume, a Viking sword, Concorde, 100 London buses, castles, a crystal grotto and three army museums; over 6 miles of County archive records from the 11th-21st century to research; the only remaining Vagrants and Casuals ward open to the public depicting life under the Edwardian 'Tramp Master'; the first purpose-built motor racing circuit in the world; an open-air museum celebrating rural life with traditional crafts; galleries with some of the most stunning artwork and sculpture in the southeast.


All year, museums in Surrey provide a wide range of events for people of all interests and ages to share these wonderful treasures. There are changing exhibitions, regular talks by curators and guest speakers, guided tours, events and fascinating displays. There is excellent research material and expertise available, along with a variety of arts and crafts sessions, re-enactments, tours, trails and workshops exploring themes such as embroidery, reading historic handwriting, painting, drawing and photography. Surrey museums do their very best to make your time with them a highly pleasurable experience.


They always aim to create a friendly environment and offer the widest possible access to buildings, exhibitions and collections for all visitors. Sessions can often be tailored for groups around areas of need such as 'touch tours' for visually impaired, or to suit group interests. So, why not come and discover Surrey's museums for yourselves!


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Surrey has over 40 museums, galleries and heritage sites, each with its own unique character, collections and settings offering a wonderfully different visitor experience every time. There are important and beautiful collections of contemporary and period art, sculpture, costume and craft as well as military, transport, natural history, castles and garden landscapes. Come and discover Surrey's amazing Museums & Galleries for yourselves.


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